Environmental Approach

Our wood sourcing

Plexwood is made of production-based wood that is harvested predominantly from forests certified for sustainable management. These forests are managed either by national regulations and legislation, or their sustainability is based on a quality seal (i.e. an organization regulates sustainable management practices)

Of all common building materials wood is the most energy-efficient, and more important, trees are a continuous production source and they do not release polluting residues into the environment
Trees contribute naturally to a cleaner climate by removing an average of 0.89 - 1.0 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere for every m³ of growth and wood is able to secure CO₂ in a sustainable manner
Production trees are cut down within 20 - 120 years on average, production forests are managed sustainably when new trees are replanted (on the same land)
Most of the woods that Plexwood uses are trees that are known to produce good (soft) wood within a relatively short period of time

Our production

Plexwood uses virgin wood veneers, veneering a tree is a very efficient way of using a natural material, leaving virtually no waste in the process

No formaldehyde-based glue is used in our production process
Likewise, we do not use any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in our production process in order to improve the quality of the wood; instead, we take advantage of the naturally strong qualities of end grain wood
Plexwood has been used for LEED and BREEAM projects in the past, and meets the cradle-to-cradle qualifications, when a project needs to meet certain technical or sustainability standards, this is almost always possible, please contact us to discuss your options
Provided it is treated properly, wood is a highly sustainable material with a long lifespan, and Plexwood in particular is excellently suited for reuse, and features exceptional insulating properties and, finally, can be recycled safely at the end of its life cycle into biomass

Our factory

More than 99 % of the waste from the production process is recycled, the remaining 1 % is waste that is still eligible for safe recycling

In our production circle wood waste is used for heating the factory, and all packaging material that enters our factory is re-used for shipments
We continue to develop new ways to limit our carbon footprint, for instance by turning our factory and office completely ‘green’, by installing solar panels in combination with green roofs, creating a healthier, safer working environment for everybody

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