Who we are

About our company

Plexwood was founded in 2000, starting with a small collection of solid floors, soon enough, when the demand for accompanying products grew, so did our company, resulting in a versatile collection of products

Throughout the years we have gained specialized knowledge and experience by the ever changing demand of our clients, which allowed us to keep innovating; nowadays, all of our products are made on demand and can be tailored to almost any specific technical or sustainability standard

Plexwood is located in the picturesque village of Everdingen, in a typically Dutch environment, one with cattle farms and fruit orchards. We are surrounded by water, the so-called “dijken” (dikes) that The Netherlands is so famous for, are literally in our back yard

We value the architects and designers, contractors, builders, shop fitters, and furniture makers whom we work with from all over the world

Our commitment to creating a durable and multifunctional range of quality products and providing service and technical expertise has our clients coming back to us

No matter how big or small, simple or complex a project is, we enjoy working with every professional, as their success is also our success, how can we help you?

About the kinds of wood

Plexwood is available in 9 kinds of wood: Beech, Birch, Deal, Meranti, Oak, Ocoumé, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé and Poplar, which offer endless variation possibilities

Plexwood is an innovative interior wood material with a unique appearance

Plexwood is composed of end grain and with the grain veneers, which are glued crosswise, creating its distinctive line structure

Our woods come from sustainably managed production forests

Virtually all of our woods are delivered semi-finished, except for acoustic products, with the finish you determine the colour and glossiness of the wood

About our materials

Plexwood is available in12 types of products: Strip, Parquet strip, Plank, Tile, Panel one-sided, Panel two-sided, Panel flexible, Geometric, Acoustic, Solid, Profile and Special

Plexwood can be used for floors, staircases, podia, (dividing) walls, doors, ceilings, furniture, letters, logos, and many other applications, creating unlimited design freedom and flexibility

Our products are strong and durable due to the build-up, and can be tailored to almost any technical and/or sustainability standard

Virtually all of our products are delivered semi-finished, except Acoustic, with the finish you decide the look and feel of the project

The brand name Plexwood® is registered and the product is protected © 2014-2024 Plexwood

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