Frequently Asked Questions - Delivery

Which of the Plexwood products does Plexwood have in stock?

Plexwood is produced on demand, products are therefore generally not in stock. Production time of Plexwood products is approximately 3 - 4 weeks in general, and 8 - 10 weeks for Acoustic - Plank and Acoustic - Tile, but keep in mind that there is an additional transport time. When needed, we can inform you when your order will be included in the production schedule

How is Plexwood delivered?

Standard delivery is Ex Works (EXW)

Does Plexwood arrange transport?

As part of our service, Plexwood can arrange transport on your behalf, transport time varies from 2 - 35 days, but more information about which transport options are available to you per region and how long it takes differs per country can be found at order, import, transport and payment information

What are the costs for transport?

Transport prices vary per type of transport chosen but also depend on location, our freight forwarders always calculate their best transport price based on the volume of the order, postal code and type of transport

Does Plexwood deliver their goods world-wide?

Yes, Plexwood delivers world-wide, please visit the customer service page for more information about delivery per region

Is it possible for a company to arrange their own transport?

Companies or individuals are free to arrange transport themselves. Our pick-up address is:

Lekdijk 7-a
The Netherlands

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00 hours CET

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