Frequently Asked Questions - How to order

For whom is Plexwood suitable?

Plexwood is a semi-finished product, appropriate for the professional. For Acoustic, Plexwood not only provides the semi-finished products but provides treatment services as well (flame retardant or other according to your wishes)

How can Plexwood be ordered?

Plexwood can be ordered through our customer service directly. For the USA and Canada we have North America specialists. Visit the customer service page for additional information about ordering per continent

Which of the Plexwood products does Plexwood have in stock?

Plexwood is produced on demand, products are therefore generally not in stock. Production time of Plexwood products is approximately 3 - 4 weeks, but keep in mind that there is an additional transport time. When needed, we can inform you when your order will be included in the production schedule

How can an order be placed?

In writing (by e-mail, or letter) and by phone, please always reference your company information, and have a look at our customer service contacts for additional information

What should be done when Plexwood is applied conceptually within a project?

In the event of a conceptual implementation, it is advisable to make the scope of the entire project known to us, inform us which party will order what and when, foregoing the first order, because we will ensure that the complete order is made of the same batch of Plexwood

What is important about finishing Plexwood within a conceptual implementation?

Keep in mind that different finishes have different effects on the different kinds of wood, not only in terms of colouring and glossiness, but also care and maintenance can differ per type of finish chosen

How is Plexwood delivered?

Standard delivery is Ex Works (EXW)

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