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What is the build-up and finish of Plank?

Plank is composed of veneer layers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued onto one side of a substrate, Plank is delivered filled and sanded 80-grit, and can be finished prior to installation

What can Plank be used for?

Plank is a product that can particularly be used as a floating or fixed floor (with a Plexwood top veneer of 4.5 mm, filled, sanded 80-grit), ideal for rental (office) spaces or to be used in combination with for instance a sound reduction underlayment. Plank can also be used for the wall cladding and ceiling (with a Plexwood top veneer of 2.5 mm, filled, sanded 80-grit)

What are the characteristics of Plank as floating floor?

Allowing for easy installation, Plank has a tongue and groove system. Plank has bevelled edges, giving it that typical plank floor structure

What is the ordering unit?

Per plank or per 1 m²

What are the standard sizes of Plank?

Plank is available in the following standard sizes, l x w x t:
± 2400 x 160 x 19.5 (15 + 4.5) mm
± 2400 x 160 x 17.5 (15 + 2.5) mm

What is the production time?

Upon request, general about 3 - 4 weeks, depending on volume and specifications

How can Plank be installed?

For information about installation of Plank please see our floor installation guidelines and/or processing and finishing

Is it possible to install Plank in combination with (floor) heating?

Plank can be installed in combination with (floor) heating, the surface temperature of the sub-floor may not exceed 28 ºC (supplementary heating), ask for the heating protocol, preferably installed according to the spiral casing principle, for further information please see the floor installation advice for Plank

What sound levels does Plank satisfy?

Plank is specially developed to be installed as a floating floor, and the product is also suitable in combination with sound-proofing products, the best option for you depends on various circumstances, please contact us to discuss the options

Is Plank also available in geometric patterns?

Depending on the geometric pattern chosen, Geometric is available as Plank, Tile, and Panel one-sided

Is Plank also available with acoustic characteristis?

For acoustic applications, please see Plexwood - Acoustic

What can be done in the case of a very specific question with regard to the application of Plank?

This website is intended to give information about Plexwood in general terms, but cannot replace personal advice, please contact us for more information

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