Frequently Asked Questions - Wood structure

What is Plexwood made of?

Plexwood is composed of veneer layers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued crosswise, giving it its typical line structure

What can be said about the nuances and structure of Plexwood?

Wood is a natural product, varying in composition; therefore, on this website displayed, requested and/or delivered samples are reference samples, and requesting a production sample is recommended

What does the term 'reference sample' mean?

These samples are for referential purposes, wood is a natural product, the structure, texture and shades of any kind of wood can, for technical reasons, slightly differ from the product that is ordered, the same goes for the finishes, and, moreover, the exact structure, texture and the colour combination can differ

What does the term 'production sample' mean?

A production sample is a sample of the production stock available at that moment

What purpose does a test sample serve?

A test sample can be used to test the finishing agent you intend to use

What should be done when Plexwood is applied conceptually within a project?

In the event of a conceptual implementation, it is advisable to make the scope of the entire project known to us, inform us which party will order what and when, prior to the first order, that way we can ensure that the complete order is made of the same batch of Plexwood

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