Ordering and Logistics - Middle East, Russia and Asia - Import and Customs

Find a broker: When importing goods into the Middle East, Russia, and Asia it is advisable to arrange a broker to handle customs procedures, your broker will be your main contact person, a broker is an expert when it comes to importing goods from abroad, and he or she will make the process of clearing goods through customs fast and easy

Brokerage: Our transporter to the Middle East, Russia, and Asia has customs brokerage offices throughout the world

Choice in brokerage office: Because brokerage is something that you need to arrange, you can also choose a broker company of your own preference, any international transport company likely has a brokerage department

Customs procedures: These consist of filling out the documentation for releasing the goods, and filing the documents for duty assessment, the way bill and commercial invoice for the goods are required for this procedure, these documents will be provided by the Plexwood office and will be sent directly to your broker

Time frame and costs: Customs procedures via your broker take about 2 - 4 days, customs fees and duties primarily depend on the HS code (Harmonized System, also called HTS code), costs are a certain percentage of the value of the goods (these additional costs need to be taken into account when a project is budgeted)

Country of origin: The exporter of the products as they are mentioned in the invoice declares that these products are of EU (The Netherlands) preferential origin

ISPM-15 declaration: Plexwood is a wood product consisting of thin layers of veneer that are glued together crosswise under high pressure, according to the Phytopathological Department (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenauthoriteit) of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Plexwood, in conformity with ISPM-15, is not regarded as wood because organisms cannot survive under high pressure, import restrictions therefore do not apply to any Plexwood product

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