Birch - Characteristics

Type: Hardwood

Family: Betulaceae

Genus, species: Betula pendula

Origin: Europe and North Asia, also North America and Japan

Colour: Varies from white to light brown, and sometimes also hints of red and reddish brown

Characterisitics: Birch is a neutral, yet vivid type of wood, characterized by its dark pith-spots

Structure: Plexwood - Birch is composed of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued cross-wise

Sustainability: From sustainably managed production forests, the commercial harvesting cutting cycle for birch is 20 - 25 years

Strength and dimension stability: Because of the use of cross-glued veneers the surface of the wood is generally stronger than solid wood of the same dimension and weight, and moreover, the dimension stability is also higher

Hardness: Janka hardness scale rating for Plexwood - Birch is 4822 N (measured by the SHR RC 2115, according to ISO 3350, 1975 08 01)

Certifications: When a project needs to meet particular technical and/or sustainable standards, contact us to discuss the options

Reference samples: Wood, in general, is a natural product; the structure, composition, and colour nuances of Plexwood - Birch can differ from the actual production, this also applies to any finish, and moreover, the exact structure, texture, and colour balance can differ from the current production

Production samples: It is possible to order a production sample; a production sample is a sample of the current production stock

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