Acoustic - Acoustic patterns - Linear groove with slots

Pattern: Linear groove with slots

Application: Plank with a linear groove with slots pattern is suitable for wall cladding, ceiling, furniture, and other applications where sound insulation characteristics are preferred

Standard pattern:
Linear groove with slots TLS 29/3, front width 2 mm, c-t-c 32 mm, rear with staggered slots length 97 mm, αw (Alpha value) is 0.75, NRC is 0.65

Optional patterns:
Linear groove with slots TLS 6/2, front width 2 mm, c-t-c 8 mm, rear with staggered slots length 97 mm, αw is 0.50, NRC is 0.90
Linear groove with slots TLS 14/2, front width 2 mm, c-t-c 16 mm, rear with staggered slots length 97 mm, αw is 0.75, NRC is 0.75

Special patterns: Upon request

Acoustic testing: Test results and data shown are based on ISO 354:1985, according to EN 20354, 1993 acoustic measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room, ISO 11654:1997 acoustic sound absorbing for use in buildings and ASTM-C-423-90a acoustic standard test method for sound absorption coefficients by the reverberation room method. All these tests were carried out on veneered and varnished panels, complete with perforation patterns, with an acoustic fleece on the reverse of each panel and a 50 mm stone wool layer with a density of 46.3 Kg/m³. Measurements and calculations were carried out on a 1/3 octave band with a bandwidth of 125 - 4000 Hz

Reference for sound absorption measured: The actual degree of sound absorption (αw) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is influenced by the distance between the panel and the building wall or ceiling as shown in the diagrams

Available in: Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, Meranti, Ocoumé, Poplar, Deal

Combination of wood: Different combinations of kinds of wood are possible, upon request

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