Acoustic - Acoustic - Plank

Acoustic - Plank for wall and ceiling

Structure: Veneer composed of end grain wood and wood with the grain veneers, glued onto one side of a substrate, with tongue and groove and an acoustic fleece on the reverse side

Delivery: With linear groove with slots and an acoustic fleece on the reverse side, finished with a matt flame-retardant, UV-cured polyurethane acrylic varnish, delivered with corresponding installation (clip) system, per plank

Available in: Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, Meranti, Ocoumé, Poplar, Deal

Combination of wood: Different combinations of kinds of wood are possible, upon request

Standard dimensions, l x w x t:
± 2400 x 128 x 17.5 (15 mdf + 2.5 Plexwood) mm

Standard veneer: 0° long grain (l) = 2400 mm

Standard substrate: 15 mm mdf, low-formaldehyde E1 / PEFC/FSC mixed sources

Optional substrate: Mdf CARB II-compliant or zero added formaldehyde, mdf fire retardant (Euroclass B) or mdf fire retardant (Euroclass B) and CARB II-compliant, others upon request

Standard acoustic pattern:
Linear groove with slots TLS 29/3, front width 3 mm, c-t-c 32 mm, rear with staggered slots length 97 mm, αw (Alpha value) is 0.75, NRC is 0.65

Optional acoustic patterns:
Linear groove with slots TLS 6/2, front width 2 mm, c-t-c 8 mm, rear with staggered slots length 97 mm, αw is 0.50, NRC is 0.90
Linear groove with slots TLS 14/2, front width 2 mm, c-t-c 16 mm, rear with staggered slots length 97 mm, αw is 0.75, NRC is 0.75

Special acoustic patterns: Upon request

Acoustic testing: Test results and data shown are based on ISO 354:1985, according to EN 20354, 1993 acoustic measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room, ISO 11654:1997 acoustic sound absorbing for use in buildings, and ASTM-C-423-90a acoustic standard test method for sound absorption coefficients by the reverberation room method. All these tests were carried out on veneered and varnished panels, complete with acoustic patterns, with an acoustic fleece on the reverse of each panel and a 50 mm stone wool layer with a density of 46.3 Kg/m³. Measurements and calculations were carried out on a 1/3 octave band with a bandwidth of 125 - 4000 Hz

Reference for sound absorption measured: The actual degree of sound absorption (αW) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is influenced by the distance between the panel and the building wall or ceiling as shown in the diagrams

Specifications varnish: Matt flame-retardant polyurethane acrylic UV-cured varnish, scratch resistant, dirt- and water repellent, non-toxic, free of formaldehyde and VOCs and 100% recyclable

General processing: For professional processing only, Plexwood is composed of end grain wood and wood with the grain, this means that sanding, filling, cutting, gluing and finishing differs significantly from other wood products, when applicable, follow the instructions of the products chosen, and see our general guidelines

Assembly Acoustic: When composing acoustic materials with linear groove with slots, linear groove with wool felt or perforation pattern, consider how this pattern can best be assembled for optimal results. This will have to be assessed visually while processing. If necessary, cut to size to achieve this and connect the parts together properly

Reference samples: Wood is a natural product, varying in composition, on this website displayed, requested and/or delivered samples are reference samples, requesting a production sample is recommended

Transport/storage: Avoid extreme swings in air humidity and temperature, at all times, allow Plexwood to acclimatize before processing, avoid exposure of unfinished Plexwood to direct sunlight, and avoid contact with penetrating fluids or substances

Colour fastness: Colour changes under the influence of sunlight are possible

Application possibilities: For the interior, as per the above specifications, Plank is mainly used for walls and ceilings

Technical specifications

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