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General maintenance: Wood requires maintenance, the type and degree of maintenance is dependent on the finish chosen and the intensity of use, follow the maintenance instructions of the products chosen, and the general guidelines below

Maintenance: Acoustic - Tile is as standard delivered finished with a matt fire-retardant, UV-cured polyurethane acrylic varnish, which requires very little maintenance. Using a corresponding maintenance product is not necessary, clean surface with damp cloth when necessary. In the case of damage to the varnish layer, retouch layer using Akzo Nobel Polyflex (or similar product)

Sand and dust with varnish: Be alert for the track in of sand and dust as wood and sand/dust do not get along, with varnish the varnish layer can be worn off and consequently becomes dull more quickly, so vacuum or dust regularly

Moisture: Wood and moisture do not get along, wood swells as a result of absorbing moisture, and can discolour or warp irreparably, so be cautious about wet cleaning wood, and always use a cleaning system that is suitable for the wood and finish chosen

Absorption of moisture with varnish: With a varnish finish the absorption of moisture is delayed by the varnish layer itself, however, moisture should still be removed immediately, so if necessary, take precautionary measures to prevent absorption of moisture

Maintenance with varnish: A varnish is applied directly onto the wood, sealing the wood completely, hence the amount of wear with a varnish finish is, to a great extent, determined by the wear resistance factor of the varnish, a varnish layer requires less maintenance than oil/wax, but cannot be retouched locally, when the varnish layer is heavily worn the entire layer needs to be removed before a new layer can be applied, if the varnish only shows dirty/dull spots it can be treated with a corresponding maintenance product

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