Panel two-sided - Characteristics staircase, podium

Panel two-sided for staircase and podium, where the underside is visible

Structure: Veneer composed of end grain wood and wood with the grain veneers, glued onto two sides of a substrate

Delivery: Filled and sanded 80-grit, per panel

Available in: Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, Meranti, Ocoumé, Poplar, Deal

Combination of wood: Different combinations of kinds of wood are possible, upon request

Standard dimensions, l x w x t:
± 2400 x 1200 x 27 (4.5 Plexwood + 18 plywood + 4.5 Plexwood) mm
± 3000 x 1200 x 27 (4.5 Plexwood + 18 plywood + 4.5 Plexwood) mm

Optional dimensions: Upon request, l x w x t variable and l > 2400 mm has staggered joints

Standard veneer: 0° long grain (l) = 2400 mm

Optional veneer: 90° cross grain (l) = 1200 mm

Standard substrate: 18 mm plywood

Optional substrate: 3 / 4 / 4 + 4 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 12 + 12 / 12 + 12 + 12 / 15 / 15 + 15 / 15 + 15 + 15 / 18 + 18 / 18 + 18 + 18 mm mdf or plywood E1, mdf or plywood TSCA compliant or mdf zero added formaldehyde, mdf or plywood fire retardant (Euroclass B), mdf moisture resistant V313, colour-stained mdf (black, brown, yellow, orange, red, purple, green, blue or grey), door- and sandwich panels, lightweight and maritime panels, please also see special substrates

General processing: For professional processing only, Plexwood is composed of end grain wood and wood with the grain, this means that sanding, filling, cutting, gluing and finishing differs significantly from other wood products, follow the instructions of the products chosen, and see our general guidelines

Reference samples: Wood is a natural product, varying in composition, on this website displayed, requested and/or delivered samples are reference samples, requesting a production sample is recommended

Transport/storage: Avoid extreme swings in air humidity and temperature, at all times, allow Plexwood to acclimatize before processing, avoid exposure of unfinished Plexwood to direct sunlight and avoid contact with penetrating fluids or substances

Colour fastness: The influence of sunlight can cause changes in colour

Application possibilities: For the interior, as per the above specifications, Panel two-sided is mainly used for staircases and podia, where the underside is visible from more than one side

The brand name Plexwood® is registered and the product is protected

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