This website has been composed carefully to inform you about Plexwood and about its products in general terms, but it can never replace personal advice
The colours and textures of the various kinds of wood can, for technical reasons, only be approximately reproduced. Wood is a natural product of which the exact structure, texture and colour combination differs for each production
Application and installation guidelines on this website are general guidelines, which can differ for each specific case
This product is not suitable for unprofessional use
The information on this website is free of engagement, Plexwood is a company in full development, information can be subject to change, or it can become outdated, Plexwood reserves the right to amend information about the Plexwood product and its specifications without prior mention or obligation
Plexwood does not give any guarantees about the nature and the content of the information, nor about the products and the advice referred to on this site, and for this reason it declines any damage resulting from the use of this information
Plexwood uses the metric system in all formal communication. No rights can be derived from size conversions to the imperial system. Plexwood converts sizes for your convenience only
It cannot be guaranteed that this website will be operating faultlessly and uninterruptedly, Plexwood cannot take responsibility for the availability of it, as well as for the content and the availability of links or sources referred to on the site
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In case you receive an e-mail by mistake, we would like you to be informed about the fact that every publication, reproduction, distribution or use of this e-mail is strictly forbidden, you are kindly requested to contact the sender and to delete all data from each computer or register
Always check e-mail attachments for possible viruses before opening them

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