Frequently Asked Questions - Kinds of wood

In what kinds of wood is Plexwood available?

Plexwood is available in 9 kinds of wood: Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, Meranti, Ocoumé, Poplar, and Deal

Is Plexwood available in other kinds of wood or build-up?

Depending on the volume it is possible to obtain Plexwood in another kind of wood than the standard assortment, and also in a special build-up, such as in combination with coloured veneers, amongst others

How durable is Plexwood?

Because of the use of end grain wood Plexwood is harder than regular sawn wood of the same kind of tree, the durability of wood depends to a great extent on the application, the type of processing, and finish, and the degree of maintenance

How hard is Plexwood exactly?

The hardness of the kinds of wood that Plexwood carries differs widely, the Janka hardness scale ratings (measured by the SHR RC 2115, according to ISO 3350, 1975 08 01) of the kinds of wood are:
Plexwood - Birch 4822 N
Plexwood - Beech 5866 N
Plexwood - Oak 7801 N
Plexwood - Pine 3806 N
Plexwood - Pine/Ocoumé 3224 N
Plexwood - Meranti 4991 N
Plexwood - Ocoumé 3606 N
Plexwood - Poplar 2783 N
Plexwood - Deal 3474 N

Do all oils and varnishes give the same result as the reference images that can be found on the Plexwood website?

The chemical composition of oils and varnishes can differ enormously between one another, this has consequences on the end result and glossiness, run a test if necessary

What can be done in the case of a very specific question regarding the kinds of wood, their qualities and possibilities?

This website has been set up to inform you in general terms concerning Plexwood, but cannot replace a personal recommendation, please contact us for personal advice

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