Geometric is a 2-layer wood product, consisting of a substrate with a Plexwood veneer on one side

Normally Plexwood is composed of 0 and 90 degree lines that can run both over the length and width of a panel or flooring product. What happens when these lines are angled in 15, 30, 45 or 0/90, +15/-15, +30/-30, +45/-45 degrees? New surfaces appear, creating inspiring and unlimited possibilities

The graphic patterns that were developed for Plexwood - Geometric are based on classic mathematical principles that are both at the core of Oriental mosaic art and architectural grids, with its repeating patterns, tessallations and M.C. Escher-like optical illusions, Geometric can be applied endlessly, on every scale and in every direction

Geometric is available in Diagonal, Square, Rectangle, Herringbone, Parallelogram and Trapezium

Depending on the pattern, Geometric is as standard available as Plank, Tile and Panel one-sided, with two veneer thicknesses

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