Deal - Finish references - Oil/wax

Plexwood - Deal finish: Oil/wax, reference
Delivery: Except for Acoustic, Plexwood is delivered semi-finished. With the finish the end result and colour is determined
Properties of this type of finish: Oil/wax is directly rubbed into the wood grain, penetrating it, rather than covering it; first a layer of oil is applied, followed by a layer of wax which prevents the penetration of dirt
Effect on colour balance of the wood: A pale type of wood like deal becomes more yellow with oil/wax
Finishing advice: Plexwood is partly composed of end grain wood veneers, which have a higher absorption quality than wood with the grain, always choose an appropriate finishing oil/wax. Generally, very thin agents are not appropriate. The manufacturer of the product in question can inform you whether their product is suitable, and if necessary, run a test
Maintenance: The advantage of oil/wax is that wood can be retouched locally; maintenance of the layer of wax depends on the application and intensity of use. Always use a maintenance product that corresponds with the original finisher. The manufacturer of the chosen product usually has corresponding maintenance polishes available

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