Pine/Ocoumé - Finish references - Varnish with priming oil

Plexwood - Pine/Ocoumé finish: Varnish with priming oil, reference

Delivery: Except for Acoustic, Plexwood is delivered semi-finished. With the finish the end result and colour is determined

Properties of this type of finish: The priming oil enhances the colour of the wood, the varnish, which is applied directly onto the wood, seals the wood completely; hence the amount of wear with a varnish finish is, to a great extent, determined by the wear resistance factor of the varnish

Effect of varnish on colour balance of the wood: A pale type of wood like pine becomes more yellow with a varnish and priming oil finish and a reddish type of wood like ocoumé becomes redder

Finishing advice: Plexwood is partly composed of end grain wood veneers, which have a higher absorption quality than wood with the grain, always choose an appropriate priming oil and water-based finisher, as not all acrylics and water-based varnishes are suitable for Plexwood. Generally, very thin or diluted agents are not appropriate. The manufacturer of the product in question can inform you whether their product is suitable, and if necessary, run a test

Maintenance: A varnish layer requires less maintenance than oil/wax, but cannot be retouched locally. Always use a maintenance product that corresponds with the original finisher. The manufacturer of the chosen product usually has corresponding maintenance polishes available

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